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Hidden Haven Stables welcomes all who want to learn, and any type or age of horse. Veli Levaaho's teaching style is friendly but focused. His emphasis is always on the rider, because until the rider has control over his or her physical and mental self, the rider’s influence over the horse will be imperfect. As riders and trainers, we owe it to our horses to learn to ride as well as we can. We must help them to do their jobs so that they stay sound and healthy and keen to work for us. This includes all of the Olympic disciplines; classical horsemanship does not separate them, as all can be beneficial for the gymnastic and mental development of horses. A horse’s performance does not consist of a series of ‘tricks’ that are taught to the horse; rather, the performance is allowed to be expressed once the rider is one with their horse.
Veli does not claim to have developed any new techniques; he only tries to follow the philosophies and methods of the classical masters- in the words of Lt. Col. A. L. d’Endrödy, to “give your horse a chance.” Veli teaches at home in Delta, and travels to Richmond, Vancouver, and Langley to teach. He is available for clinics in dressage and jumping. Horses are accepted for training.